Fraud Warning

Criminals have been known to illegally misuse brands such as ours to commit fraudulent activities. Usually, these activities are conducted on the internet or via e-mail offers or account warnings.  The primary target of these schemes is to get money or information from the target.

It is important to Lit Culture to protect its trademarks and that its name, logo and brand are not misused for fraudulent activities.  Lit Culture will take aggressive action to catch and prosecute those who violate our rights or attempt to defraud others using our name.

If you still have any doubt as to whether you are facing a scam, we recommend that you immediately discontinue all communications with the source and report them to your local police.  If a deal is too good to be true, you are probably facing a scam!

If you feel that, another person, entity, or product is utilizing our brand or a similar copy-cat version of our brand in attempt to scam or defraud you or another,  please contact us at (800) 413-5482 or though our social channels.