Brand Protection

Lit Culture® takes the protection of its Brand very seriously and knows that when consumers see our Brand, they can trust its safety and quality. We utilize several registered and unregistered trademarks to market our products and none of these trademark rights, or confusingly similar signs, may be used without the written, express consent of Lit Culture®.

Only Authorized Distributors may distribute our products and only Authorized Retailers may sell our products in their stores.

Lit Culture takes infringements of its trademark rights very seriously and will take very aggressive legal action against those responsible.

Infringements, counterfeits and unauthorized sales of our products damage the reputation of our brand and consumers are adversely affected by the cost of legal action upon our ability to provide a competitively priced product.

Unauthorized use of our brand or counterfeits are not LIT and SHOULD be REPORTED!

If you feel that, another person, entity, or product is utilizing our brand or a similar copy-cat version of our brand without permission, please contact us at (800) 413-5482 or though our social channels.  We will gladly gift you with product, gear, or apparel, if it is found that an infringement, illegal use or sale of our product exists.