Become an Lit Culture® Ambassador

Lit Culture® Ambassador Program

The ambassador program is designed to reward Official Lit Culture® influencers for strategically leveraging their social capital to promote the Lit Culture® brand.  Ambassadors are officially licensed to utilize Lit Culture’s registered trademark and trade dress in product reviews, product promotions and in moral social behavior.

Ambassadors actively promote and encourage others to use Lit Culture® branded products and apparel, or to participate or attend in official Lit Culture® events in the following ways:

  • Social media by using the Ambassador logo;
  • Social media posts using #LitCulturelife, #LitWraps, or #WhenLifeisLit in social posts;
  • Social media posts using Lit Culture® branded products or apparel;
  • Website promotions to create more awareness and to inspire others on the Lit Culture® Life™;
  • Public events or engagements in the community; and
  • Promotion of giveaways, special events or announcements.


  1. Ambassadors are provided support by the Lit Culture® Promotions team that include ideas that assist you in spreading the Lit Culture® message in your community and among your followers.
  2. An official Lit Culture® Ambassador CERTIFICATE and PRESS RELEASE.
  3. Ambassador Only LOGO for use on your social media pages.
  4. You will receive an initial, FREE supply of Lit Culture® Lit Wraps™.
  5. Based on your Ambassador level, you may also receive FREE Lit Culture® Gear.
  6. Based on your Ambassador level and social performance, you will continue to receive a FREE supply of Lit Culture® Lit Wraps™ and FREE Lit Culture® Gear.
  7. You will also receive purchase DISCOUNTS on products such as Lit Culture® Gear and Lit Wraps™.
  8. ACCESS to a monthly group Ambassador Conference Call to meet other Ambassadors and discuss upcoming Lit Culture® events and initiatives.
  9. Based on your Ambassador level, LISTING and PROMOTION of your social channels on our website.
  10. First to learn about FUTURE INITIATIVES and opportunities.
  11. An opportunity to join the Lit Culture® team as our SPECIAL GUEST on a Facebook Live events and during promotions.
  12. Based on your Ambassador level, an opportunity to attend Lit Culture® sponsored concerts and promotions with VIP ACCESS.
  13. An opportunity to meet Lit Culture® Official Artists during Ambassador Only social events, concerts, or promotions our SPECIAL GUEST.
  14. Finally, Ambassadors have an opportunity to MONETIZE their social promotions and EARN MONEY using a personalized Lit Culture URL and/or Coupon Codes.  

Those interested in become an Official Lit Culture® Ambassador, should apply below.  All applications will be reviewed and applicants can expect to hear back from the Lit Culture® Promotions team, within 2 weeks.